This Week:

  • Schippers continued 16-inch water main construction on 10 Mile Road between Jewell Avenue and Herrington Avenue.
  • Marksman (Schippers bore & jack subcontractor) installed 60-feet of 36-inch steel casing under 10 Mile Road. This casing will have a 16-inch water main in it and was installed so that 10 Mile Road could be open to traffic through out construction.
  • Traffic on 10 Mile Road continued to be maintained with temporary traffic signals.


Next Week:

  • Schippers will finish water main construction at the 10 Mile Road and Herrington Avenue intersection.
  • Schippers will begin water main construction at the south end of Herrington Avenue where it begins to curve at US-131.
  • Herrington Avenue and House Street will be closed to thru traffic during construction for the safety of the construction crews as well as motorist due to the many hills along the road. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Please contact any project representative below if you have questions or concerns.