The wonderful weather this past week led to a productive week on Sherman Boulevard.


This past week, the Sherman Boulevard Contractor worked on:

  • Poured the north half of the Peck and Sherman Intersection with dyed concrete
  • Saw cut the new concrete in the Peck intersection
  • Switched the traffic on Leahy south and poured the other half of that crosswalk concrete
  • Installed a thickened asphalt edge at the crosswalks
  • There is no work planned for Saturday, May 22.

Please remember that left hand turns are not allowed at most intersections and signs are in place. Please keep our workers safe and follow all traffic control rules within the construction zone.


Work anticipated the week of May 24, 2021:

  • Dyed Concrete intersection of Peck will be cleaned and sealed. There is a possibility this may take place this afternoon.
  • Brick pavers will begin to be installed in the Sherman crosswalks – north half and side streets. This work will be slower as it requires a lot of cutting and detail for fitting all the bricks in tight and for a long lasting, weather proof brick paver crosswalk.
  • If all the pavers are installed in the Sherman crosswalks, preparations will be made to switch traffic on June 1, right after Memorial Day. More information will be available in next week’s update.