All water main installation is complete. See status map.

Bultsma completed all the water service stubs in Royal Hannah Drive and began installing services in Lady Lauren Drive south of Royal Hannah.

Bultsma and the Plainfield Water Department pressure tested and disinfected the water main in Sir Charles and the portion of water main in Lady Lauren north of Sir Charles.


What to Expect Next Week (May 25 – 30)

  • Bultsma will continue to install water service stubs in Lady Lauren south of Royal Hannah.
  • After the “south half” service stubs are complete, Bultsma will move to the “north half.”
  • When your water service stub is complete, you will receive a notice from Plainfield Township (Letter 3 of 3) to inform you that “connection to municipal water is now available.” If you have a quote for the private property work that has been approved by the Township, you can have the contractor you selected begin work immediately.

Projected Timeline

    • Mid-May
      • Water main should be completely installed.
    • End of May
      • Installation of water service stub should be underway.
    • June
      • All water services ready for private connects; Restoration and project completion.
  • *Note: Timeline dates are subject to change.