Work that took place this week: 30-inch diameter water main installation is complete between VanderLinde and Palmer. The water main was tested for leaks and will now be tested for cleanliness before connecting it to the water distribution system. 30-inch water main has been installed between Torrent and east of Addison. 30-inch diameter water main installation also began between Torrent and Estes. Drainage structures were have been installed between Frisbee and Robinson Streets. The site was cleaned up and driveways were freshened up for the long Holiday weekend.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of May 27, 2019 with work resuming on Tuesday, May 28, 2019:

No major work will take place over this upcoming holiday weekend, but there will be representatives on site to take samples of the water main between VanderLinde and Palmer to test over the weekend to make sure the water main is disinfected. We expect the tests to pass and if they do, the first water main tie-in will occur where the branch of Lakeshore Drive comes in at Laketon across from the Fire Station. The water main on Lakeshore north and east of the project will be turned off for a few hours to make this tie-in. This will pressurize and make the new water main live.
Once the new water main is live, water services will be transferred over from the old water main to the new water main for homes and businesses on Lakeshore/Laketon between Vanderlinde and Palmer. These water line replacements may involve replacement of the entire water line from the building to the new water main. Access to the interior of the home/building near the water meter will be needed at that time and the interruption to that building will be for a couple of hours. These will be individually scheduled next week.
Once all water services are tied over to the new main, tie-ins will occur to the large diameter mains at VanderLinde and at Palmer to the remainder of the water system.
Residents who will have their water service disrupted due to these tie-ins will be notified in advance.
After the water mains are tied in between VanderLinde and Palmer, the remainder of the storm sewers will be replaced in preparation of the road being rebuilt here.
Water main work continue with a large diameter valve installation east of Addison.
Drainage structure and storm sewer installation work may take place between Addison and Palmer.
The concrete base for the decorative wall near Ruddiman Creek and Frisbie could get formed and poured.
Special water main gaskets have been ordered for the water main between McCracken and Torrent and that work may begin if the gaskets arrive. De-watering work will likely continue in this area as well.

Back-filling the water main trench near the intersection of Estes and Lakeshore Drive