This week, the contractor removed the remaining pavement on Main Street—between Lake Street and Mears Avenue—as well the intersections at King and Johnson and driveway approaches, sidewalk ramps, and other items in the street that will be replaced. Consumers Energy prepared for their utility pole re-locations by tree trimming on adjacent streets, King and Johnson. The stumps for the 5 trees removed on Main Street last week were ground and removed. The contractor installed over 1,000 feet of new sanitary sewer main in Main Street, including new manholes at the intersections of King and Johnson.

Here is the work we expect next week, the week of May 6, 2019:

No work is currently planned for tomorrow, Saturday, May 4, 2019, but Saturday work may occur in the future.
The sanitary sewer main installation will be completed and tested.
Sanitary sewer service pipes for individual homes will be replaced from the new main to near the property line/edge of the road Right-of-Way. Water service to the home should not be interrupted, but please refrain from putting a lot of water down the drain when the crews are working next week. Service lines will be reconnected at the end of each day
Consumers and other overhead utilities will continue to work on relocating their utility poles.
New storm drainage structures may be installed near the intersections of King and Johnson.
The contractor is doing their best to maintain a drivable surface for local residents who live on Main, Johnson, and King, but Main Street is closed to thru traffic.