Work that took place this week: Other than the exciting geyser on Wednesday morning, work continued on the connection of the 30” diameter water main between VanderLinde and Palmer. There is new, reliable water main in service now between Addison and the end of the project near Palmer and Laketon. However, there is still an old 24” water main on the south side of the road that will be replaced in the next phase. We are replacing the two 24” water mains with a new, single 30” water main on most of this project between McCracken and Addison and between Addison and Palmer. The water main was already replaced the last time the City reconstructed Lakeshore Drive between Addison and VanderLinde. New storm drain structures have been installed between Torrent and Palmer on the north side of the road. There was also some clean up and restoration work from the water main break on Wednesday.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of June 3, 2019:

Work will begin on the final leg of 30” water main installation between McCracken and Torrent.
New taps will be installed on the new water main between VanderLinde and Palmer for eventually tying over each service to the new water main in the next phase.
Removal of the old, north 24” water mains between VanderLinde and Palmer will take place for the completion of storm drain installation.
Dewatering work will resume where water main is being installed between McCracken and Torrent.
The concrete base for the decorative wall near Ruddiman Creek and Frisbie could get formed and poured.
Work in the current phase is taking about a week longer due some unforeseen old infrastructure and some environmental concerns that had to be dealt with properly and safely. The next phase will go much faster than the first phase as it will only entail connecting southern water mains and services to the new water main. We understand the impact of the construction to the normal daily life and business and no one wants this to go longer than it should. Please know that the Contractor has multiple crews working on the project now and although there may not be work immediately in front of your home/business, please rest assured that there is work ongoing on the project in multiple places at one time. The end of the June will see the new road taking shape. The phase and traffic shift will likely take place in early July. Two-way traffic will not be re-established on Lakeshore Drive until the beginning of August. All construction is planned to be complete by the end of October, 2019.