Ongoing Challenges

This has been another week with some unexpected challenges impacting the project.

  • Maple Street Electrical Fire: Area residents may have seen the Rockford Fire Department and Consumers Energy on site responding to an electrical fire from the overhead utility lines along Maple Street. The Rockford Fire Department responded promptly and thankfully nothing had caught fire before they arrived. Consumers Energy was able to temporarily repair the utility line overnight and fixed the electrical line the following day.
  • Courtland St. Gas Lines: A 4-inch gas main along Courtland Street was found to be in conflict with the proposed box culvert, which delayed the progress. DTE Energy has removed the conflicting pipe allowing the culvert work to continue and will need to reconnect the gas main at a later time.
  • Maple St. Water Service Leak: Residents along Maple Street may have seen water spraying from the trench as a result of a damaged water service line. With assistance from the City of Rockford water department, the leak was repaired and the contractor is continuing forward.


Construction Progress this Week:

Despite the setbacks noted above, progress has been continuing.

  • Maple St. Water Main: The new water main along Maple Street between Main and Monroe Street has been installed.
  • Courtland St. Box Culvert: Installation of the box culvert that crosses Courtland Street has been completed.


Up Next:

  • Fremont Street Sanitary Sewer: Sanitary sewer along Fremont Street has begun and will continue next week. After completing sanitary sewer in Fremont Street, the plan is to continue with sanitary sewer along Maple Street going East from Fremont toward Lincoln.
  • Maple St. Water Main: The newly installed water main along Maple Street between Main and Monroe will be pressure tested and disinfected prior to connecting residents to the new main. The testing and disinfection process is planned for next week.
  • Courtland St. Storm Sewer: Storm sewer installation has begun and will continue next week.