The Sherman Boulevard Contractor was delayed a bit this week with the cold and wet weather, but the schedule should remain very close to the original dates. Work continued this week as best as possible.


 This past week, the contractor worked on:

  • Concrete began today for the base for the brick crosswalks
  • Grading of the Peck Street intersection with grave road base material
  • Additional pavement removals were completed
  • Grading and gravel preparation for the concrete at the crosswalks was completed


Please remember that left hand turns are not allowed at most intersections and signs are in place. Please keep our workers safe and follow all traffic control rules within the construction zone.


Work anticipated the week of May 10, 2021:

  • Concrete base material for the brick crosswalks will be poured
  • North half of the Peck Intersection will be poured with concrete
  • Preparations for restoration around the crosswalks will be done
  • Preparations for placing the bricks within the crosswalks will begin