Water main installation along Chandler continued northward this week. The special pipe arrived mid-week, and Dykema’s first crew is installing the pipe through the low swamp area.The second crew is working northward along Herrington and is approaching Strawberry Farms.A third crew is installing water main in the easement between Herrington and US-131, and also eastward from House Street under southbound US-131.Dykema’s subcontractor, Marksman Construction, installed the steel casing under the southbound lanes of US-131 earlier this week. Today, Marksman is switching the bore pits over to the northbound side of US-131. The bore and jack under northbound is scheduled for next week Tuesday.

What to Expect Next Week (May 11 – 16)

  • The three Dykema crews will continue laying pipe in Chandler, Herrington, and in the easement near US-131.
  • The Marksman crew is scheduled to complete the bore and jack under northbound US-131 by the end of the week. Both shoulders of northbound will be closed for this work, but the two travel lanes will remain open.

Projected Timeline

  • During first half of May
    • Bore and jack operation to cross under Northbound US-131
  • During last half of May
    • Finish water main along Chandler, Herrington, and across US-131
  • During first half of June
    • Paving and lawn restoration along Chandler; restoration in private easement and US-131 right-of-way
  • During last half of June
    • Paving and lawn restoration along Herrington
  • July 3
    • Project Completion
  • Note: Dates are subject to change.