We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and have been prepared the flip the calendar to November, the final month of construction on Lakeshore Drive. This week, the contractors placed conduit pipe for irrigation on the south side of the road between Moon and Torrent and poured a lot of sidewalk and driveway approaches on the north side.  Several tree grate frames were installed between Moon and Mann on the north side and curbing intended to separate the parking areas from the pedestrian areas was installed between McCracken and Estes on the north side.  Lastly, the contractor installed the first 4 new light and banner poles near Ruddiman Creek on the north side! All streets are open.

Here is what to expect the week of November 4, 2019:

  • Work will proceed tomorrow, Saturday, November 2 with more concrete sidewalk and driveways being poured
  • Manhole structures and valve boxes will be adjusted to the new sidewalk grades
  • We are hoping to have all hard surfaced poured or paved in the next week and be done before November 15 with paving and pouring of concrete and asphalt.
  • There are a couple of utility poles that need to be removed yet at Frisbee and Torrent which may delay those 2 sidewalk ramps
  • Sidewalk and driveway work will be done on the south side of Lakeshore Drive
  • More street lights and banner poles will go up