This past 2 weeks, the Contractor completed the following work:
  • Finished all the water main installation on Peach and Wilshire, pressure tested, disinfected it, tested it and tied it into the existing water system
  • Replaced or reconnected nearly all the water services to the new water main
  • Relocated an existing hydrant at Peach and Alice
  • Began removing and abandoning the old water mains
  • Started the process to rebuild Wilshire and Peach
  • Placed a protective coating on the road at Lewis for snowmobiles on the Pathway


**Currently, Peach is closed to through traffic between Sophia and Slocum.  Use caution when traveling down Wilshire.


Anticipated work over the next 2 weeks:
  • Monday, 11/14 – finish the last water services and tie in the last bit of water main
  • Tuesday, 11/15 – begin rebuilding the roadway of Peach and Wilshire. Work will begin at the cul-de-sac on Wilshire and they will work their way out cutting down the dirt and backfilling with road gravel
  • Setting new or adjusting existing storm drains
  • Rebuild road with gravel for the remainder of the week
  • Rebuild concrete driveways, sidewalk and curb & gutter
  • We are hoping to get the first layer of asphalt down (about 1-1/2”) right before Thanksgiving
  • The remainder of the asphalt will likely be placed in the spring