By the calendar, we are just over halfway through fall, but the snow this week made it look much more like winter. It did slow progress a bit this week, so let’s hope we have better weather between now and Thanksgiving. Despite the weather, work did proceed and the contractor completed the installation of all of the new street lights and the charging bollards on the job and they are awaiting a connection from the power company before they can be energized. The inspections are complete. Also, more bricks were added to the decorative wall at Ruddiman Creek and more sidewalk was poured on the south side of the road between Estes and Frisbee. Some driveway work is being done to complete some of the remaining driveways on the north side of the road that had not yet been poured. More work on the concrete sidewalk, crosswalk ramps and driveway approaches will be done tomorrow, Saturday.

Here is what to expect the week of November 18, 2019:

  • The goal is to pour the remainder of the concrete walks, driveways and ramps as much as possible by the end of the week. The crosswalk ramp at the SE corner of Torrent may not get done as we are waiting on Comcast and Frontier to move their utilities off of the new pole that was set last month by Consumers Energy. Once they are done, Consumers can remove that old pole and we can pour the sidewalk and ramp there. It will likely be the last bit of concrete work to be done.
  • Any remaining asphalt work will be done next week or early the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Furniture will be installed – Benches, Litter Receptacles, and Bike Racks
    • Here is a link to the Benches to be installed which will be black
    • The Litter Receptacles will also have recycling
    • The Bike Racks, will be simple loops that will look like this. Just a single loop will be installed.
  • Tree plantings were postponed this week and will be installed this week
  • The pavement markings will be remarked, but the recessed marks will be done in the spring
  • Permanent signage will be installed. This also means NEW STOP SIGNS at McCracken.

***** McCracken and Lakeshore will become a 4-Way Stop Intersection *****

Temporary, additional signs in the middle of the intersection will likely be added here next week. Please be prepared for this change in your driving habits through this corridor.

Have you noticed the Charging Bollards yet? There are 5 on the project. Can you find them all? They all have a 110 V outlet and 8 USB charging connections and an accent light. All will have a bench next to them.