Well, the typical Michigan fall weather has had us swinging from one extreme to the next, however, Milbocker continues to make significant progress!  Winter will eventually arrive and the construction site will eventually become quiet.


Construction Schedule


Winter Restoration

Milbocker has completed the temporary restoration in all areas they have disturbed.  They will go back over each drive and grade again as needed prior to the ground freezing.  If there is anything of concern to any resident about the temporary winter restoration, please let one of the project members know as soon as possible.  If something needs to be addressed, Milbocker will need to get that taken care of before the hard frost hits.


Gas Main Work

During the road reconstruction project efforts, some conflicts with the new gas main have unfortunately been identified.  Therefore, Michigan Gas has scheduled their contractor, Kent Power, to return and reconstruct the gas main in the location previously approved by the City of Grand Haven.  The work will continue over the next few weeks so you will see their activities meander about the construction site addressing these conflicts.  They will be starting at the southern end of the project limits (Main, Wells, Breton).


Access, Busing, Emergency Services, Trash Collection and Mail Delivery

Access to essential services has continued to the residents along the project limits as planned.  No significant interruptions have been witnessed.  If a service has been interrupted, please let one of the project team members know.


Snow Fence/Soil Erosion

The project’s soil erosion permit required the contractor to install soil erosion devices in a manner as outlined in the permit.  Plans and permit requirements always have the possibility to change.  In this circumstance, the requirement of additional snow fence for soil erosion prevention, it has been determined that it is unnecessary.  The soil erosion permit was amended and currently installed soil erosion efforts are what is being accepted by the County.  If additional fencing or soil erosion prevention efforts become necessary, Milbocker will be addressing those on an as needed basis.


Project Safety

So far, the project hasn’t had any significant traffic safety issues arise!  That is due to everyone being very vigilant in the construction area, thank you!! Please continue to be careful when traveling through the work site and use caution when walking along the roadway.  There was a recent incident with a supplier of materials safely delivering gravel to the site and snagged a power line with the truck box.  This was an isolated incident and safety standards have been revisited with all personnel.  Continued awareness within the site by all is necessary.