The contractor has finished installing all the water main and are working on the street side water services (water main to the property line). With winter weather almost here, the contractor will soon be shutting down for the season. In the spring as soon as weather permits, the property owners will be contacted by the contractor’s plumber for appointments to get into the homes and plan out the internal connections. Any services not connected this year will be taken care of as soon as weather allows in the spring.

Preliminary restoration is almost done and we recognize that water is collecting in some areas. However as soon as grass begins to grow, the amount of water runoff should reduce significantly and puddles should go away. Since we will not get any real grass growth this year, we will be back in the spring and fix whatever needs to be taken care of as soon as weather allows. The contractor is not going to try to do much more detailed restoration work as they will make a mess and do more harm than good because we are out of the growing season.

We are not done with the project and if something needs to be addressed, we will be back in the spring to get all the detail work taken care of. What is being done now is just to button up the areas before winter. It is not the final restoration effort yet.