This week, the contractors battled the elements and did as much work as they could. Most of the new light poles have been installed through the project as have some of the charging bollards for charging phones and such. The control cabinets for the new lights were inspected and approved for Consumers to set a meter and hook up the power to the new lighting system which should take place before Thanksgiving. More sidewalk and driveways were poured with concrete as well as most of the tree grates in the 2 blocks between Moon and Torrent. A new asphalt driveway was completed for the Fire Station and other asphalt areas were restored.  More bricks were installed on the placed on the decorative wall and the sign walls were power washed and getting ready to be sealed. The caps were measured for the wall and should be delivered soon for installation. Top soil is beginning to be spread at the east end and restoration and backfilling is being done.

Here is what to expect the week of November 11, 2019 – Please remember to thank a Veteran on Monday for their service!


Sorry, I couldn’t get any good photos of the new lights installed, but we are just a few weeks away from them getting lit. There are roughly 62 new light poles and all have banner arms.