Even though it is still fall, winter has surely arrived!  Our reconstruction project marches on in the face of all lowered temperatures and snowfall.  Attached is a current picture from this morning showing the progress near one of the retaining walls.


Construction Schedule


Access, Busing, Emergency Services, Trash Collection & Mail Delivery

Access to essential services has continued to the residents along the project limits as planned.  No significant interruptions have been witnessed.  If a service has been interrupted, please let one of the project team members know.


Snow Fence/Soil Erosion

The project’s soil erosion permit requires the contractor to install soil erosion devices as directed by the permit.  In essence, this means snow fence along the west side of the project to help keep sand from migrating as the ground is disturbed.  Snow fence will be installed some time in the next few weeks.


Project Safety

As the project continues please, please be careful when traveling through the work site.  Use caution when walking along the roadway as the construction continues.  We have not had any reports of injuries or accidents and are striving to keep that number zero through the entire project.  It will take everyone’s attention for that to happen!