Construction Start

Construction on the Napier and Dewey Water Loop project started this week. The Napier Avenue water main will be installed along the south side of the road from Dewey Avenue to 200 feet west of Grove Avenue. The Dewey Avenue water main will be installed along the west side of the road from Napier Avenue to approximately 1,700 feet south, ending at the existing hydrant near address #1769 Dewey Avenue.


Water Service Connections

Property owners will have the option to connect to the water system upon completion of the project or any time in the future. Please contact the Township Water Department for information on scheduling and charges.


Traffic and Access

Traffic on Napier Avenue and Dewey Avenue will be maintained but impacted with lane closures. Side street intersections (Grove, Johnson, Roger, and Glendale) will be closed on various days for work within the intersections.

Access to driveways within the project area will be maintained as much as possible. When temporary disruption to driveway access cannot be avoided, driveways will be closed during working hours with overnight access restored.


Mail Service

Mailboxes will be temporarily removed to allow for excavation and promptly reinstalled to maintain mail service during the project.


Trash Pickup

Normal trash pickup schedules will continue. When construction work hinders access, the contractor will transport trash containers to an accessible location and return them to the property.


Grass Restoration

Grass areas disturbed for construction will be restored with topsoil and hydroseeding containing mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch. Property owners will be responsible for watering to promote growth of the new grass.



Driveways will be removed as needed to install the water main and will be replaced in-kind.