This Week

Work continued with setting piles in the cover area of Boardman Lake, north of Logan’s Landing. So far, almost 50 piles are in place. Since it takes different equipment to set the piles and then push them to the correct depth and capacity, Team Elmer’s is going back and “proofing” these set piles to design capacity. They have completed the retaining wall near the south parking lot and NMC, and are now waiting on the top blocks from the supplier for both of these completed walls. In addition, they have placed the aggregate base for the pathway all the way from the cove area to the north side of NMC, and will work on restoration in this area next week that will include laying topsoil and seeding.


Next Week

They will continue work on the piles. They also anticipate they will begin the overlook over the hill north of NMC and the kayak/fishing platform north of 16th Street in the “City Park” area.

They will also continue restoration around NMC. They are waiting for top blocks for the walls and well as the rest of the blocks for the third and final wall on the north side of NMC. They anticipate these blocks will arrive in a couple of weeks.