I hope everyone has had a great fall so far. The first major work started this week as promised! The retaining wall installation is looking good and everyone can start to see the fruits of the long planning process we have been on.


Construction Schedule


Access To Driveways

Access to your driveway will not be limited unless the contractor is working directly in front of your property. When this is the case, there may be a slight delay in accessing your home. Milbocker will make sure to limit this time to a minimum. Please be patient if you are lucky enough to catch them working in front of your homes.


Busing & Emergency Services

During the reconstruction project, busing and emergency service access will not be limited. The project requirements require the contractor to maintain access to these essential services during the entire project.


Trash Collection

Reminder, all trash collection will take place as normal. Please bring your containers to the curb like normal and Milbocker will make sure all pick-ups are completed as scheduled.


Mail Delivery

Reminder that all mailboxes will be left in place throughout the project. Those mailboxes that are scheduled to be moved back from the center of the roadway (all in the City of Grand Haven on the east side) will be done when Milbocker reconstructs the roadway in front of those homes. There is a slight chance that mail delivery could be delayed by up to one day around the immediate construction area, however, we believe that will definitely be the exception. The Spring Lake Post Office will hold any undeliverable mail and retry the next day. You can also contact the Post Office and pick up anything that was held.


Equipment & Material Storage

Milbocker has been allowed to store some equipment and materials in the Fisherman’s Parking lot on Main St. Only materials and equipment that doesn’t damage the parking lot and only a portion of the lot will be used. Additionally, Milbocker will need to store equipment and materials along the right-of-way, so you will notice these things within the construction zone. Storage of equipment and materials have gone smoothly so far and the project staff does not expect any issues going forward.


Snow Fence/Soil Erosion

The project’s soil erosion permit requires the contractor to install soil erosion devices as directed by the permit. In essence, this means snow fence along the west side of the project to help keep sand from migrating as the ground is disturbed. You will notice small sections of snow fence go up throughout the project in conjunction with the permit.


Michigan Gas Company – Gas Main Replacement Project

City of Grand Haven staff conducted a review of the gas main replacement project within the City of Grand Haven this week and is working with Michigan Gas and its subcontractor to make all necessary restoration efforts complete prior to the winter months. We apologize for the inconvenience these interruptions may have caused certain property owners.


Project Safety

Now that the project has commenced, please, please be careful when traveling through the work site.  Use caution when walking along the roadway as the construction continues.  There will be large construction equipment that needs to operate so keep vigilant around them.  As evident with the construction zone accident/death that occurred today in Grand Rapids, construction zone accidents do occur yet usually are preventable.