This week, a lot of concrete was poured which included all of the mainline lanes, most all of the curb and gutter, many of the side streets and several sections of the parking lane on the south side. Paving was slowed today by the rain, but forms are installed for tomorrow. More bricks did go up on the decorative wall near Ruddiman Creek and the north side of the wall is nearing completion, minus the caps on the wall.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of October 14, 2019:

Work will proceed tomorrow, Saturday, October 12, 2019. The concrete subcontractor will pour the parking lane between Blodgett and Estes, the McCracken and other Intersections and parking lanes.
Cross walk gaps will be paved with dyed concrete
Joint sealing the mainline concrete joints at the end of the week. This will involve blowing out all the joints in the concrete and then sealing them with hot rubber. This may produce some dust when the joints are blown out.
Asphalt paving at the end near McCracken
Paving the gapped areas at McCracken and Addison
More work on the masonry walls
Conduit installation for the underground wiring for the street lights and irrigation
Street light bases will begin to be installed on the south side
We are hoping to open the road to two-way traffic (on the north and center lanes) next weekend or the beginning of the week of October 21.
The week of October 21 will be sidewalk and driveway approaches between Palmer and Frisbee (both sides)
Planter curbs in the bump outs
More irrigation conduit and work on the street lighting
More work on the masonry walls.