This past week, the road was striped and all of the traffic control signs were removed. The Contractor worked on the punch list and there are a few small restoration items still remaining that we will keep working on. A lot of the seed washed away with last weekend’s rain, so we will keep an eye on what grows and re-seed if necessary. This is a great time of year to plant seed, but we will make sure to touch up areas that are thin with grass. Mother nature has done a lot of watering for us, but please remember to do your part and keep the new seed moist and watered. If the grass grows before any weeds get established, the grass can choke out the weeds fairly nicely.

This will be the final update for this year. We will be back next year with the next phase of work, which will be from Bailey to Getty. Thank you all again for your patience and please don’t hesitate to contact Dan Sorek if you have any questions or issues related to this summer’s work.