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This Week:

  • Dean’s Excavating continued 12-inch water main installation between along Summit Avenue and is nearing 12 Mile Road.
  • Dean’s attempted to pressure test the next section of water main north of Wrens Way Court and determined there is a leak in the pipe.
  • Dean’s is looking for the leak today (Friday) and will repair it after the leak has been located.
  • Dean’s had a second crew on site this week working on restoring the roadside where the water main was installed.


Next Week:

  • Dean’s will work on installing water service stubs toward each house between Whirlwind Drive and Wrens Way Court the first half of next week.
  • Dean’s will go back to installing water main toward 12 Mile Road end of next week after water service installations have been completed.
  • Concrete curb is tentatively scheduled to be poured at Tradewind Drive.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.