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This week, crews continued at full speed! The new pathway is paved with the first of two layers of asphalt from Garbo Drive to Keiser Road. It picks back up at the entrance to Right N Tight Car Repair and continues north along Whitneyville and down a portion of 66th Street. Crews worked to prepare the aggregate base for this paving while removing existing pavement where necessary for the pathway.

Subcontractor Riverworks was also on site starting the construction of one of three boardwalks on the project! Boardwalk construction consists of pile driving and timber frame construction using impact hammers along with nails and screws. These processes can be loud at times and we appreciate your patience.

Next week, crews plan to begin the restoration work along the edges of the paved sections of trail. They will also continue the storm sewer installation while the boardwalk crews continue to construct the boardwalks.