This Week

Team Elmer’s continued to concentrate on setting the piles for the boardwalk across the Cove on Boardman Lake. In addition to setting new piles, they have worked back to “proof” the piles to the necessary capacity. Additional wall block arrived this week and more will come next week, so they were able to continue making progress on the retaining wall on the City Park property where the kayak/fishing deck will be built. Also, the carpenter crews completed most of the substructure for the overlook at NMC.


Next Week

They will continue to set, proof, and even cut off piles for the boardwalk. Work will also continue on the NMC overlook, and they may start setting the supports for the 16th Street overlook as well. They will also start working on the third wall on the north side of NMC. They anticipate this wall will take a couple of weeks, and in addition they will be placing the top blocks on the other walls to finish them off. As soon as these walls are in place, they will work on grading, placing the aggregate base and restoring the area with topsoil and seed. We anticipate this section (north side of Boardman Lake, around NMC to the terminus of the first phase of the project completed earlier this year) will be completed this fall, ready for paving and final restoration early next spring.