This is the first project update for this exciting undertaking. Moving forward, updates will be weekly unless construction activities slow down significantly during the winter. This project officially began last week on October 3 with installation of fencing and cutting of trees. This week was much more busy with demolition of the restroom building and concrete removals throughout the site. Underground work will be starting next week which will result in temporary water disruptions and closure of Court Street.


Work Completed this Week (October 12 – 17)

  • The restroom building was demolished.
  • Trees were removed and 75% of the concrete surfaces were removed.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Concrete removals will continue and temporary gravel walkways will be installed in certain locations to maintain access to businesses during construction.
  • Water main installation will begin with a scheduled water disruption on Monday morning (October 19)
  • Footings for the new restroom building are planned to be excavated.


Important Items to Note

  • Monday morning the water for the businesses in the plaza will be turned off. It is expected to be back on by noon. Please flush your faucets thoroughly before using for drinking once the water is turned back on.
  • The Court Street and James Street intersection will be shut down for installation of the water main in the middle to end of the week.