Progress Report

Schippers Excavating has completed water main installation in Biddeford Drive and Biddeford Court. They are now installing water main along Wallingford Drive. See status update map above.

Schippers has two crews working on site, and a third crew from Lee’s trenching is installing water services along Biddeford Drive. The water service crews are working from south to north along Biddeford, and they will be digging up the road to install each water service.

Schippers will coordinate with residents to ensure access throughout the day and will be coordinating with Comstock Park Public Schools to ensure that bus traffic is maintained during water service installation.


What to Expect Next Week (October 5 – 10)

  • Water main installation along Wallingford Drive should be complete by the middle of the week.
  • Water service installation along Biddeford Drive and Court will last all week.


Projected Timeline

  • Mid-October
    • Finish water services along Biddeford Drive and Court; complete water main tie-ins at the ends of Biddeford Drive; begin installing new water services along Wallingford Drive
    • Begin road reconstruction
  • Late-October
    • Project Completion