This Week

Elmer’s crews continued setting piles in Boardman Lake. To date, they have set about 1/3 of the 174 piles needed for the boardwalk.

Other work continues on the third wall north of NMC, as well as restoration, including topsoil and seed along the trail and the sidewalk on Lake Ridge Drive. They finished the deck for the NMC overlook, and will be working on the railing in the near future.


Next Week

Elmer’s plans to use the pile hammer to proof all of the piles that are set to date to meet design capacity.

Next week they plan to finish the wall north of NMC. With the completion of this wall, they will be done with the trail from Boardman Lake to the end of last year’s project near the NMC Windmill. By the end of the week they plan to have this entire section buttoned up with gravel base, topsoil, seed and mulch blanket—ready for the winter.