Progress Report

This week:
  • Dykema completed water main installation in the private utility easements.
  • Dykema completed restoration in the creek after installing water main across it through the private utility easement between Bittersweet Drive and 7 Mile Road.
  • Dykema installed a driveway culvert and water service stub along Brewer Avenue.
  • The Plainfield Water Department installed an 8-inch live tap valve on the existing 16-inch water main in 7 Mile Road.
  • The Plainfield Water Department worked with Dykema to pressure test and disinfect the newly installed water main on Butternut and Bittersweet Drives.
Next week:
  • Dykema will complete the water main tie-in at 7 Mile Road and private utility easement if the disinfection tests pass over the weekend.
  • Dykema will install water services within the public right-of-way on Butternut and Bittersweet Drives once the water main tie-in is completed.
  • Dykema will replace the culverts across Brewer Avenue if the weather permits.
  • Concrete curb and gutters will be replaced along Brewer Avenue.


What to Expect

  • Water service construction.
  • Culvert replacement across Brewer Avenue.
  • Road restoration is planned for the last week of October.
  • Driveway and lawn restoration will be completed in early November.
Spring 2022
  • Lawn restoration will be touched up as necessary next spring to ensure good grass growth