Progress Report

Schippers battled the weather this week, but will have all the water services installed on Wallingford Drive by the end of the day today. The existing asphalt was milled off Wallingford Drive on Thursday in preparation for road reconstruction to begin next week. Schippers will complete the final water main tie-in next Tuesday and will then abandon the old water main by pumping flowable fill (a type of concrete) into the old water main.

Schipper’s paving contractor will pave the base course of asphalt on Wallingford Drive either at the end of the month or first thing in November. Schippers will also have concrete contractors working over the next few weeks to replace all of the concrete driveways affected by the water main construction. Kent County Road Commission has elected to replace some driveway approaches and concrete curb in addition to what was affected by the water main construction.

Lawn restoration and final top course paving will take place during the first two weeks of November after all of the major construction has been completed.


What to Expect This Week (October 26 – 31)

  • Final water main tie-in at Wallingford Drive and Brookgate Drive
  • Abandon the old water main by filling it with flowable fill.
  • Grade Wallingford Drive and prepare for the base course of asphalt the following week.
  • Restore driveways on Biddeford Drive and Biddeford Court.


Projected Timeline

  • Late-October 
    • Finish road reconstruction on Wallingford Drive and finish driveway restoration
  • November
    • Final top course paving and lawn restoration
    • Project Completion


Water service installation