As you may have already noticed, Lakeshore Drive is open to two-way traffic! Eastbound traffic was officially re-opened Thursday evening. Please still be careful driving through the job site. There will still be many lane shifts and closures as the Contractor is working to complete all of the work behind the curb off the road. This past week, the contractor continued to install conduit for irrigation between Moon and Torrent and conduit for electrical and new lighting between McCracken and Frisbee. More light pole bases were set. The concrete mainline pavement joints were re-cut and sealed with rubber. Some sidewalk was left in front of businesses as long as possible, but now more of that is being removed and prepared for new sidewalk to be poured. More bricks were installed on the south decorative wall at Ruddiman Creek.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of October 28, 2019:

  • Work will proceed tomorrow, Saturday, October 26, 2019
  • More conduit work will take place on the south side for new lighting
  • Manhole structures behind the curb will be adjusted for the new sidewalk
  • Any remaining sidewalk to be removed will be and prepared for new sidewalk
  • Crosswalks will be completed at McCracken, Addison and Bourdon
  • Driveway approaches will be replaced on the north side
  • Sidewalk ramps will be installed at the intersections
  • Layout for pavement markings will be this Sunday, October 27


Other remaining work to be completed in November:

  • Furniture installation (benches and trash receptacles)
  • Light Pole and Charging Station installation
  • Tree Grate Installation (Moon to Torrent) and Tree plantings
  • Completion of the decorative walls (brick and stone caps), including lighting
  • Pavement markings which are tentatively planned for the weekend of November 2. These will be recessed into the surface of the pavement which will involve grinding the top surface and then putting the markings into the depression below the surface. This saves the pavement markings from being scrapped off with the first $#0W Plows. (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th…).


Please note that when driveway approaches and sidewalk across driveways are poured, allow for a minimum of 3 days before driving on it to prevent the concrete from getting damaged prior to full curing. You may park overnight on the street, but please be aware of the work going and be ready to move vehicles in the morning when workers begin. All concrete in the roadways with the exception of the crosswalks at Bourdon, Addison, and McCracken are open and cured. This includes the parking lanes.