Hope everyone survived our second fall storm this past week.  We are now officially in full swing on the project!


Construction Schedule


Access, Busing, Emergency Services, Trash Collection & Mail Delivery

The project team and contractor have been vigilant in keeping access to all of the essential services in the area that all property owners need and expect.  There hasn’t been any major conflicts to date in these areas and we don’t expect any.  If you have a concern or experience a delay in any of these aspects, please contact anyone from the project team.


Snow Fence/Soil Erosion

The project’s soil erosion permit requires the contractor to install soil erosion devices as directed by the permit.  In essence, this means snow fence along the west side of the project to help keep sand from migrating as the ground is disturbed.  Snow fence will be installed some time in the next few weeks.


Michigan Gas Company – Gas Main Replacement Project

City of Grand Haven staff continues to work with Michigan Gas and its subcontractor to make all necessary restoration efforts complete prior to the winter months.  Hard surface restoration is expected to be done in the next week or two and dune grass planting is scheduled for early November.  All restoration is anticipated to be completed by mid-November.   We apologize for the inconvenience these interruptions may have caused certain property owners.


Project Safety

Now that the project has commenced significant construction, personnel, equipment and materials are being used in the construction zone.  Please, please be careful when traveling through the work site.  Use caution when walking along the roadway as the construction continues.  There will be large construction equipment that needs to operate so keep vigilant around them.  As evident with the latest construction zone accident/death that occurred this past week in southwestern Michigan, construction zone accidents do occur, yet usually are preventable.


The weather looks like it’s going to turn again and bring in our first flurries of the season next week.  Not to worry, Milbocker is preparing their winter attire and will continue like it’s mid July!