This past week, the Contractor completed the following work:
  • Installed roughly 750 feet of new water main on Wilshire and Peach Streets.
  • Completion of the Restoration on Lakeview and Lewis Streets.
  • There may be some work being performed tomorrow – Saturday, October 29, 2022.


Currently, Peach is closed to through traffic between Sophia and Slocum. Use caution when traveling down Wilshire.


Anticipated work over the next 2 weeks:
  • **Clean up the overall site on Wilshire and Peach for Trick or Treating**
  • Sign replacement on Lakeview and Lewis.
  • Testing and sampling of the new water mains on Peach and Wilshire.
  • Connections of new water mains and removal of old water mains.
  • Replacement of water services to the new water main.
  • Begin road restoration on Wilshire with new sand subbase and road gravel – NOTE Weather Delays on this project may only allow the first course of asphalt being installed on Wilshire and Peach. The top final course will likely be installed in the spring. The asphalt will be roughly 3” thick when we’re done, so the first half (1.5”) may be done this year and the top course (1.5”) in the spring.
  • Place protective material for snowmobiles on Lewis at the Pathway.