First, I’m sorry to say we will miss our original schedule of opening the road to traffic today; our apologies. The weather the last two weeks has caused enough delays to allow one more week to finish a quality project instead of rushing to meet a deadline.

This week, the contractor and their subcontractor finished all of the concrete sidewalk, intersection ramps, and driveway approaches. The underground drainage system was inspected internally via camera to ensure all joints were installed properly and there were no leaks. The contractor has leveled out most areas disturbed and has spread topsoil in preparation of seeding. All the sewer manhole covers and valve covers have been adjusted to the new road elevation.

Here is what to expect next week, which should be our final week of construction, the week of October 7, 2019:

More restoration of lawn areas and general site clean-up
Seeding will take place either Tuesday or Wednesday next week
Final layer of asphalt is tentatively scheduled for Thursday. This is for the roadway and any areas behind the sidewalk that have been disturbed and needs asphalt.
Pavement striping and signage is scheduled of Friday
Once again, I have to say that all work is Weather Dependent as we saw this past week.

Please keep vehicles off the concrete (curb and driveway approaches) for a minimum of 3 days after it is poured to allow the concrete to achieve full strength. Damages to fresh concrete will delay the entire construction process. Also, please allow a few hours for the fresh asphalt to cool before driving on it. Parking on the street will be allowed over the weekend. If your driveway and curb were done this week, you will be able to drive on it Monday. Walking across the concrete is OK, but it may be slippery when wet for the first few rains until the curing compound (white sprayed on the concrete) absorbs into the concrete.

Please remember to access homes south of Broadway from Summit, and homes north of Broadway from Sherman.