I hope everyone is enjoying our transition from summer to fall, and with that transition and a change in weather comes a change in the construction schedule.  Below is the updated schedule, I promise you that things are and will be picking up.

Below are pictures of the ground breaking work that occurred this week!


Construction Schedule


Trash Collection

Discussions with Republic Services and Milbocker has resulted in all trash and recycle services operating as normal.  Please bring your containers to the curb like normal and Milbocker will make sure all pick-ups are completed as scheduled.


Mail Delivery

Discussions with Milbocker and the Spring Lake Post Office has resulted in leaving all the mailboxes in place.  Those mailboxes that are scheduled to be moved back from the center of the roadway (all in the City of Grand Haven on the east side) will be done when Milbocker reconstructs the roadway in front of those homes.  There is a slight chance that mail delivery could be delayed by up to one day around the immediate construction area, however, we believe that will definitely be the exception.  The Spring Lake Post Office will hold any undeliverable mail and retry the next day.  You can also contact the Post Office and pick up anything that was held.


Equipment & Material Storage

The City of Grand Haven has allowed Milbocker to store some equipment and materials in the Fisherman’s Parking lot on Main St.  Only materials and equipment that doesn’t damage the parking lot and only a portion of the lot will be used.  Additionally, Milbocker will need to store equipment and materials along the right-of-way, so you will notice these things within the construction zone.


Project Safety

Now that the project has commenced, please, please be careful when traveling through the work site.  Use caution when walking along the roadway as the construction continues.  There will be large construction equipment that needs to operate so keep vigilant around them.