This week, the progress was slowed quite a bit by the rains. Not nearly as much concrete was poured as we had hoped. However, more bricks did go up on the decorative wall near Ruddiman Creek, the roadway was graded and readied for concrete, most of the concrete curb and gutter on the south side of the road was installed and today, we began paving the eastbound lane and the remainder of the center left turn lane between McCracken and Torrent. Drainage structures and water main valves have been adjusted for paving operations.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of October 7, 2019:

Work will proceed tomorrow, Saturday, October 5, 2019. The concrete subcontractor will pour the intersections of Mann and Torrent. They intend to work until about 2PM tomorrow
Mainline concrete paving will continue Monday, and the plan is to continue with that all the way to the end.
After mainline paving, the remainder of the curb and gutter work will be done as well as the decorative crosswalks. Side streets may also be poured.
More work will continue on the decorative wall at Ruddiman Creek.
After the curb and gutter and the mainline and the decorative crosswalks are done, the parking lane will be poured.