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This Week:

  • Dean’s Excavating completed 12-inch water main installation between Tradewind Drive and Wrens Way Court. Dean’s continues to install water main north of Wrens Way Court today (Friday) after being rained out yesterday.
  • Dean’s completed the stream crossing and associated restoration just south of Wrens Way Court middle of the week.
  • Concrete curb and gutters were replaced at Whirlwind Drive as well as one concrete driveway.
  • The road patch in Summit Avenue and Whirlwind Drive was paved as well as some of the asphalt driveways south of Tradewind Drive.


Next Week:

  • Dean’s will continue to install water main along Summit Avenue north of Wrens Way Court.
  • Dean’s will pressure test and disinfect the next section of water main between Whirlwind Drive and Wrens Way Court. You can expect to see a lot of water coming out of fire hydrants next week, even if they are unattended. Do not be alarmed, this is completely normal.