DRIVEWAY UPGRADE NOTE: There have been requests from residents who wish to upgrade their driveway approach from asphalt to concrete. A letter was distributed (attached to temporary mailboxes) Friday afternoon to all residents in the project area explaining the process you must go through if you would like to do this. Please contact Jeremy Kamp, P.E. (Project Engineer – (616) 432-6709) by 5:00 pm next Tuesday (10/11) if you have any questions.
This Week:
  • The new 12-inch sanitary sewer installation was completed in Northville Drive and connected to the existing manhole at 5 Mile Road on Thursday.
  • Sanitary lateral replacement continued in Northville Drive.
  • Storm sewer replacement continued in Northville Drive.
  • Final water main tie-in was completed at 5 Mile Road.
  • Sidewalk and concrete driveways were replaced on Northville Drive and Leelanau Drive.
  • Base course paving was completed on Northville Drive from Lakehurst to just short of Nippon Drive.
  • Road reconstruction continued north of Nippon Drive.


Next Week:
Northville (Nippon to 5 Mile)
  • Complete sanitary lateral replacement.
  • Complete storm sewer replacement.
  • Sidewalk replacement.
  • Road reconstruction.
Northville (Lakehurst to Nippon)
  • Driveway replacement and topsoil restoration.
  • Driveway replacement and topsoil restoration.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.