This Week:

  • Dean’s prepared for the tie-in to the existing 20-inch transmission main on Monday and Tuesday of this week.
  • The new 16-inch transmission main was connected to the existing 20-inch transmission main in Buth Drive at the pump station driveway Wednesday morning. This critical tie-in required coordination with the Township’s Water Treatment Plant Operators and Distribution System Operators to ensure that the ground storage tank was full of water because the supply line to the tank was shut down for the connection. The connection was successful, and the pump station maintained normal operations out of the tank during the tie-in.
  • New 16-inch transmission main installation continued along Pine Island Drive Thursday and Friday this week.
  • HMA driveways were paved on Buth Drive.


Next Week:

  • Completion of the new 16-inch transmission main along Pine Island Drive is anticipated by the end of next week.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.