Work completed last week:
  • Adjusted manhole covers and valve access covers to the final pavement grade
  • Completed grading and compaction of gravel grade for driveway approaches that will receive asphalt
  • Graded a swale on the east side of Lakeview Street north of Lewis Street
  • Placed erosion control rocks at the culvert near the White Lake Pathway and Lewis Street
  • Began placing topsoil and restoring lawns on Lakeview and Lewis streets


Currently, Lakeview Street is Closed to THRU Traffic between Misco Drive and Muskegon Avenue. Lewis Street is also closed to THRU traffic between Lakeview and Mears. Access is being maintained for emergency purposes and for local residents and businesses.

Also, the White Lake Pathway is still closed for a few more days until the asphalt is replaced at Lewis Street.

Please use patience when traveling through this area and be kind to the construction workers who are doing their best to get this project done in a safe and timely manner.


Anticipated work over the next 2 weeks:
  • Place asphalt in driveway approaches, including the White Lake Pathway
  • Pave top course of asphalt on Lakeview, Lewis and the intersection of Muskegon Avenue
  • Complete the landscape restoration
  • Demobilize from the Lakeview and Lewis areas
  • Sign replacement on Lakeview and Lewis
  • Remove pavement on Wilshire Street, east of Peach
  • Remove pavement on Peach between Sophia and Slocum
  • Begin water main replacement on Wilshire and on Peach north of Sophia

Residents and businesses on Lakeview and Lewis should only have about another week of construction interference.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!