This week:

  • Wyoming completed water services on Pixley Avenue. All water services throughout the project are now ready for connection. If you have not already contacted an approved General Contractor about installing your water service, you should do so an soon as possible to ensure you can meet the 60-day connection requirement.
  • M&S Construction (Wyoming’s concrete subcontractor) completed concrete driveway restoration throughout the project. The asphalt apron at the ends of the concrete driveways will be installed next week.
  • Wyoming worked on lawn restoration on Van Dam Drive and Pixley Avenue.

Next week:

  • Wyoming Excavators will complete lawn restoration on Pixley Avenue.
  • Wildwood Creek Drive is scheduled to be paved on Monday (10/11). After Wildwood Creek Drive is finished, Rieth-Riley (Wyoming asphalt subcontractor) will work on asphalt driveway paving and miscellaneous patch work throughout the project.

Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.