Progress Report:

  • Lincoln Street: The majority of concrete sidewalk installation on Lincoln Street has been completed with exception to a few small portions that have yet to be poured. Driveway approaches on Lincoln Street has been completed.
  • Maple Street: Topsoil and hydroseeding along Maple Street is complete. Rain garden installation and other minor restoration items have yet to be completed. Lawn repairs will be addressed as needed once the grass begins to grow.


Ongoing Challenges:

  • Maple Street Sidewalk: Area residents may have seen portions of the newly constructed sidewalk being removed. This was due to the sidewalk being installed higher than plan grade and out of compliance with ADA standards. The sidewalk will be re-poured to correct the deficiencies.
  • Lincoln Street Curb: Concrete curbs were installed this week. Unfortunately, there were sections of the concrete curb that were installed incorrectly and will have to be replaced.
  • Retaining Walls: Several retaining walls that had been previously installed at incorrect depths are in the process of being repaired and reinstalled.
  • The Silver Lining: While it is unfortunate that these sidewalk, curb, and retaining wall issues have happened, we are grateful they’ve been discovered in a timely manner and will be corrected before the project is complete and without additional expense for the City.


Up Next:

Starting next week, placing topsoil and hand seeding along with road gravel and machine grading on Lincoln Street will begin. Concrete curb replacement on Lincoln Street and sidewalk replacement along Maple is also planned for the near future. We anticipate seeing the HMA base course to be placed within the next two to three weeks.