This was a busy and productive week. The Contractor and their subcontractors installed the casing pipe and water main under the Broadway Approach to US 31 for the reconnection of the Stratford water main. The pipe was leak tested and passed. Samples will now be taken to ensure the pipe is clean before it gets connected to the system later next week. Nearly all of the concrete sidewalk and curbs were installed this week and driveway approaches on the north side of the road were replaced. Access to the side streets has been limited and will remain limited for the next week or so. Please be aware of the road closures as there are likely some large drop offs at the edge of the pavement. Access to driveways are NOT open for now. The north side driveways will be fully cured for driving by Monday morning, so please keep vehicles off of them for now. You may walk on the concrete that has been poured. You may park overnight on Broadway outside of the contractor’s work hours (Roughly 7AM to 7PM).

Here is what to expect next week, the week of September 17, 2018:

Driveways on the north side of Broadway will be reopened on Monday morning.
Driveways on the south side of Broadway will be poured, probably Tuesday. Once again, these driveways can not have vehicles on them for 3 full days, to it will be Friday evening before they are reopened if they are poured Tuesday.
The remaining gaps in the sidewalk for the crosswalks and ramps and the new sidewalk on the south side of Broadway going up the hill to the US 31 overpass will be poured.
The water main could likely be tied in for Stratford under the old Broadway alignment which will be the last remaining piece of underground work.
The Contractor will be grading the gravel and getting it prepared for asphalt. We do not have a date yet for the first course of asphalt, but we will let you know as soon as we know.
Once all the concrete work is done next week, that will give us approximately 2 weeks to finish the asphalt paving (2 courses), manhole adjustments, lawn restoration, signing and pavement markings before the deadlines.