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For those on Lakeview and Lewis, the end of the construction is starting to come into focus.  There are some inconveniences coming with the concrete, but it will come together pretty quickly after the concrete is completed.

Here are some items the Contractor worked on this past week:
  • Grading and shaping the gravel road base for concrete curb and gutter placement which is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday
  • Completed 4 water service replacements on Peach Street
  • Testing of the new sanitary sewer main on Lakeview
  • Clean up driveway approaches for replacement next week

**NOTE** For water services replaced – Please be sure to flush all water fixtures in the building, including hot water and exterior fixtures.  This will remove any air that might be trapped in the water lines.

**Currently, Lakeview Street is Closed to THRU Traffic between Misco Drive and Muskegon Avenue. Lewis Street is also closed to THRU traffic between Lakeview and Mears.  Access is being maintained for emergency purposes and for local residents and businesses.**

Please use patience when traveling through this area and be kind to the construction workers who are doing their best to get this project done in a safe and timely manner.


Anticipated work over the next 2 weeks:
  • Make repairs to new sanitary sewer main on Lakeview Street between Misco and Lewis Street based on inspections and tests done on the new pipe
  • Placement of Concrete Curb and Gutter on Lakeview between Misco Drive and Lewis Street AND on Lewis between Lakeview and Mears Avenue
  • Placing driveway approaches on Lewis and Lakeview Street
  • Please be careful of the string lines that will be installed prior to the concrete curb getting installed.  They can be difficult to walk over.  If you need assistance, please let us know.
  • Please note that the concrete will need to cure for a minimum of 3 days before driving over it.  You may walk on it within about 3-4 hours of it being poured depending on the temperature.  PLEASE, do not write in the concrete.  It will need to be removed and replaced and it is very costly.
  • Additional water service work on Peach Street
  • Pavement will be removed soon on Peach Street between Sophia and Slocum and on Wilshire Drive for the water main replacement to take place.


An example of the work that took place recently – tapping the existing water main on Peach Street: