Here is our weekly update on the road construction activity in Whitehall. Thank you very much for your patience during this time of inconvenience.

Work completed this past week:
  • Completed water main connections on Lewis Street to the existing water main system
  • Reconnected Howmet Aerospace to the new water main
  • Replaced water services to the new water main
  • Reconnected fire hydrants to the new water main
  • Abandoned or removed portions of the old water main in Lewis Street
  • Completed the storm sewer main in Lewis Street


NOTE – For water services replaced: please be sure to flush all water fixtures in the building, including hot water and exterior fixtures. This will remove any air that might be trapped in the water lines.

Currently, Lakeview Street is Closed to THRU Traffic between Misco Drive and Muskegon Avenue. Lewis Street is also closed to THRU traffic between Lakeview and Mears. Access is being maintained for emergency purposes and for local residents and businesses.

Please use patience when traveling through this area and be kind to the construction workers who are doing their best to get this project done in a safe and timely manner.  We are getting closer to pavement, which should be before the end of September.

Anticipated work over the next 2 weeks:
  • Grading and excavating to place compacted road base gravel on Lewis Street
  • Reconnect one more Hydrant to the new water main in Lewis
  • Preparation for new concrete curb and gutter on Lakeview and Lewis Streets which is anticipated the week of September 12, 2022
  • Water services on Peach Street may begin to be replaced between Alice and Sophia.  There are two water main pipes in this block of Peach and all services will be consolidated onto one water main and the older water main will be eliminated from the system.


Thank you very much for your patience and understanding during these necessary improvements to the Whitehall infrastructure. Do not hesitate to contact a project representative if there are any issues or questions. Refuse and mail service should remain as normal. We recommend placing a piece of duct tape on your garbage receptacle with your address written on it in permanent marker and the Contractor can assist with your waste hauler to get your trash picked up in a timely manner.