This week, the contractor built drainage structures and pipe between Mann Street and VanderLinde Street. Road base gravel was delivered, spread, graded and compacted between McCracken and Torrent Street. The contractor has cut the road subbase down to make room for the new gravel road base material east of Torrent and continues to work to the east. The mason arrived to the site this week and began adding block to the decorative sign wall and the north retaining wall near Ruddiman Creek

Here is what to expect next week, the week of September 23, 2019:

Work will proceed tomorrow, Saturday, September 21
The remaining drainage system will be installed and completed
Drainage structures and valves in the roadway will be adjusted to the new road elevation
More road base gravel will be spread east of Torrent and it will be shaped and graded
The schedule is for the concrete crews to return next Wednesday, September 25 to begin preparing to pour the remainder of the center lane and the eastbound lane
Concrete may begin to be poured near McCracken as soon as Thursday, September 26. McCracken and Addison will be poured in phases to keep a lane of traffic open. All other road intersections will be closed when the concrete is poured at those intersections. Closures will remain until the concrete is cured which is a minimum of 3 days after the concrete is poured.
Crosswalks will be gaped out for the different colored concrete to be poured likely the following week, the week of September 30