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Last Two Weeks:
  • K&R completed water service replacement between Manitou and 5 Mile Road. All of the water services on the project have now been replaced.
  • K&R completed water main tie-ins connecting the new water main on Northville to existing water main branches.
  • K&R continued sanitary sewer replacement on Northville between Leelanau and Manitou.
  • Black Gold placed the base course of asphalt on Leelanau Drive.


Next Week:
Northville (Leelanau to 5 Mile)
  • K&R will continue sanitary sewer replacement.
  • Now that all of the water services have been switched from the old water main to the new water main K&R will complete the final water main tie-in at 5 Mile Road.
  • K&R will work on storm sewer replacement once the sanitary sewer has been replaced.
Northville (Lakehurst to Leelanau)
  • K&R will continue to work on road reconstruction in preparation for base course paving.
  • K&R will work on replacing driveways, work on lawn restoration, and adjustment of manhole and catch basin covers now that the road has been paved. The final layer of asphalt will take place in October.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.