This Week

Elmer’s completed the wall in front of NMC with the exception of the top finish blocks, which will likely arrive later next month. In addition, they placed the gravel base for the trail here and started restoration of the area, placing topsoil and preparing to seed. Snow fence was placed on the edge of the wall, but please note this is an active construction site and closed to public use.

In addition, pile installation for the boardwalk heading north from Logan’s Landing was resumed this week. The piles are driven to a stable depth for now. After many are in place, Elmer’s will change the equipment on their driver and go back and “proof” each one, driving to the design bearing capacity.


Next Week

Elmer’s anticipates they will seed and place fabric along the trail in front of NMC. They also plan to begin work on the other two retaining walls near NMC, the first near the south parking lot and the second around the north side of the building. They anticipate these walls will go up quickly.

Pile crews will continue to place piles in the cove area, working their way across to NMC.