Happy Paving Day!

That’s right, we have been paving the first course of asphalt all day today. The contractor and their sub-contractors have been very busy this past week by installing and spreading all of the gravel road base, finishing nearly all the concrete curb and gutter on the project, pouring most of the concrete sidewalk and driveway approaches on the north side. They also got over half of the concrete sidewalk on the south side of the road completed. That enabled the first course of asphalt to go down today on schedule.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of September 30, 2019:

The contractor will raise the manhole castings and valve boxes to grade for the top course of asphalt – Yes, we will be cutting holes in the new asphalt. This is normal.
The concrete subcontractor will be back to finish driveway approaches, sidewalk and sidewalk ramps at intersections. They should be done with this work by next Wednesday.
Asphalt areas behind the sidewalk will be restored with new asphalt.
Restoration work with grading and spreading of topsoil will take place next week.
The final (top) course of asphalt is currently scheduled to go down next Friday which was the original completion date, October 4.
Pavement markings and signs will be installed after the top course of asphalt.
The road should be open fully open to traffic once the pavement markings are placed.
Remember that all work is weather dependent.

Please keep vehicles off the concrete (curb and driveway approaches) for a minimum of 3 days after it is poured to allow the concrete to achieve full strength. Damages to fresh concrete will delay the entire construction process. Also, please allow a few hours for the fresh asphalt to cool before driving on it. Parking on the street will be allowed over the weekend. If your driveway and curb were done this week, you will be able to drive on it Monday. Walking across the concrete is OK, but it may be slippery when wet for the first few rains until the curing compound (white sprayed on the concrete) absorbs into the concrete.

Please remember to access homes south of Broadway from Summit and homes north of Broadway from Sherman.