This week, the contractor finished all of the underground utility construction on the project with the last pieces of the new storm drainage system installed near VanderLinde and Robinson. The contractor continued to remove material for the road base gravel to be installed and shaped between Torrent Street and Laketon. Final shaping will take place right before paving. Paving was not able to begin this week, but string lines will go up beginning tomorrow and Monday for paving operations of the eastbound lane and the remainder of the center left turn lane. More brick work was completed on the decorative walls at Ruddiman Creek and they are looking nice. The electrical sub-contractor installed conduit under the road for installation of the light pole bases on the south side of the road which will happen after paving but before sidewalks are poured.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of September 30, 2019:

Work will proceed tomorrow, Saturday, September 28
Drainage structures and valves in the roadway will be adjusted to the new road elevation
The next lane and a half of roadway will be poured with concrete and is planned to start as soon as Monday, September 30. This will go on all week next week. Paving operations on the south side will take longer than they did on the north side due to the parking areas and more side streets that will have concrete poured. Each of the side streets will have the decorative cross walks across them as well which is a separate pour. All side streets will be closed to Lakeshore EXCEPT Addison and McCracken. Closures will remain until the concrete is cured which is a minimum of 3 days after the last piece is poured.
More work on the decorative walls will take place
We are a couple weeks away from opening traffic to both directions
Once all the roadway concrete is poured, including curb and gutter, parking areas, side streets and crosswalks, the work will focus on restoring the sidewalks and driveway approaches on the south side.