The focus this week was on moving the detour route, which closed Polk Road to through traffic, and installing temporary water main and sewer bypass to allow for sanitary sewer installation. The focus next week will be on sanitary sewer moving into Polk Road, as well as water main tie in at the Polk Road, Griswold Street intersection.


Work Completed Last Week

  • The Contractor installed detour and road closure signage on Polk Road for the next phase of the project.
  • The Contractor installed temporary water main which will continue to feed Gray & Company.
  • The Contractor installed the sanitary sewer bypass from Polk Road to Griswold Street.


Anticipated Work This Week

  • The Contractor will continue installing sanitary sewer main into Polk Road.
  • The Contractor will install water main tie-ins at the Polk Road Griswold intersection.